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Why Check@5?

Financial transactions are moving faster in today’s world, thanks to changes in payment processes. This means that when you spend money, it may move more quickly from your account. When you Check@5, you will stay updated on your balance, so you’re clear on what you have to spend.

What’s changed?

Today, all payments are moving faster, from same-day to real-time, which means your money is going to move into and out of your account with increasing speed. For example, payments for purchases you make at a store may be withdrawn from your account on the very same day. When it comes to real-time payments, money could transfer out even faster. Get into the habit now of “checking@5”, to stay on top of your account balances.

Tools you can use

Use RBT’s tools to easily keep track of your balances. You can check your balances 24/7 using free Online or Mobile Banking, set up balance alerts via email or text, and make transfers online if needed. We also have My Mobile Money, which alerts you every time you have a debit card transaction.