Financial Education

Learn & Grow. drawing of bills.

Rollstone Bank & Trust has partnered with Banzai to offer free, online financial education to people of all ages. From articles to calculators to games and activities, Banzai helps kids, teens, and adults help take control of their finances.

Articles, calculators, and coaches are available in the Wellness Center, or you can try the lifelike simulations of the Banzai courses – Junior for ages 8-12, Teen for 13-18 year-olds, and Plus for adults.

Colorful background. Wellness Center      Drawing of a town. Play Banzai

Rollstone Bank is a strong advocate for financial education. We believe that understanding your money – how to count it, save it, and even spend it wisely – is an essential skill for a productive and happy life, and we hope that our partnership with Banzai will help you on your road to financial success.