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Important Change to Mobile Deposit Policy:

Effective July 1, 2018, in accordance with federal regulations, all checks deposited via Mobile Deposit must be endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit at RBT Only” on the back of the check.

This change was implemented as a way to deter fraud. Please be sure to endorse your mobile-deposited checks accordingly. Items without this endorsement may be declined.

Deposit checks anytime, anywhere, with RBT Mobile Deposit.
A feature of RBT Mobile Banking, RBT Mobile Deposit lets you use your mobile device to deposit checks using your smartphone, wherever you are, 24/7. You save time by not having to go to a branch or ATM, so depositing checks is quick and convenient.


How to use RBT Mobile Deposit:

  1. Login to RBT Mobile Banking. Not enrolled? Get the app for free!
  2. Select the Plus Sign (+) from the main screen, then click on the “Deposit” icon.
  3. Take a photo of the front and back of the check.
  4. Enter the dollar amount of the deposit.
  5. Select the account to receive the deposit.
  6. Verify the information.

Important Guidelines

  • When you endorse your checks, please be sure to write “For Mobile Deposit at RBT only” to ensure the deposit is accepted.
  • The maximum deposit limit is $2,500 per transaction and $2,500 per day.
  • Mobile Deposits made after 3:00pm will be posted on the next business day.
  • Funds from Mobile Deposits are available just as if the deposit was made in a branch.
  • You may access mobile deposit from RBT Mobile Banking on an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad.
  • Retain the check for 60 days, then mark it void or destroy it.

Benefits of RBT Mobile Deposit

  • Free
  • Convenient
  • Easy
  • Safe and secure

Contact us if you have any additional questions.