Touch ID & Passcode

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RBT Mobile features Touch ID and Passcode, giving you a faster way to see your account balances and activity. Simply enter a 4-digit code or apply your fingerprint, and you will get a quick snapshot of your RBT accounts.

To access additional features, such as transfers or bill pay, you will have to provide your full login credentials. You will have the ability within RBT Mobile to enable either Touch ID or Passcode, and can only enable one at a time.

Touch ID

  • Enable Touch ID within your iPhone settings (5S or newer)
  • Eligible phones – Apple iPhone 5S or newer, running iOs 8 or later
  • Allows access to any fingerprint stored within the device


  • Use 4 non-sequential, non-repeating digits
  • Easily change or turn off your passcode authentication through mobile settings