People Pay & External Transfers


With People Pay and External Transfers from RBT, you can easily send money to people and move money between your bank accounts at just about any bank.

People Pay

Need to pay the rent, split the lunch tab, or chip in for a gift? With People Pay, you can easily send money with just a few clicks. You can even send someone an eGift Card for their birthday or any other special occasion!

To get started with People Pay, login to Online Banking, go to the “Pay and Transfer” tab, and set up your contacts. Once you send the money, the recipient gets a notification with claim instructions. You receive a notification once the funds are claimed.

External Transfers

External transfers are a fast, easy, and safe way to move funds between your accounts at different financial institutions. You can transfer money between your eligible enrolled accounts, at any time, from any computer.

With external transfers, you have the option of setting up a one time transfer, or recurring transfers. Recurring transfers happen on a regular basis, such as once a month or every payday.

To enroll in External Transfers, login to Online Banking, go to the “Pay and Transfer” tab, and provide the required information. We will then verify it with the other bank(s) and notify you when the process is complete.