Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month

And it’s the perfect time to improve your financial intelligence. Whether you call it financial literacy, financial education, or financial intelligence, people of all ages can benefit by tuning up their money skills.

For Children
Teach children the importance of starting to save at a young age. Whether it’s a quarter they found on the ground in a parking lot, a dollar they earned washing dishes, or $20 they received as a birthday gift, every little bit will help them on their way to financial independence in their adult years. Once kids know how to properly manage their money, they tend to keep and use those skills throughout their lives. Early financial education teaches them how to have a good relationship with money, a skill that won’t be forgotten.

For Teens
We often get our first job as teenagers, which is the perfect opportunity to start conversations about important topics that teens can carry into their adult lives:

  • getting paid and paying taxes
  • interest – whether they’re earning it or paying it
  • creating and following a budget

Set your kids up for financial success by helping them learn about money matters through every stage of their lives so they can build on previous lessons learned.

For Adults
When you enter adulthood, it’s important to understand some more complex financial matters, such as planning for retirement, good debt vs. bad, and smart spending. Here’s a 30-day money challenge that could help set you on the path to financial freedom.

For Older Adults
Hopefully by the time we reach retirement age, we’re financially ready for retirement. Continue to educate yourself as you age, particularly on topics like estate planning and insurance.

If we can be of assistance in helping you plan or teach your family about finances, please contact us. 


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